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Institute of Financial Markets

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IFM – The Future

Institute of Financial Markets (IFM) is a Global Body for Financial and Capital Market Professionals. IFM is Registered in England & Wales as the Society of Stock Market Professionals.

IFM is established with the purpose of promoting financial literacy across the globe. Through its various initiatives and focus on extensive content, contemporary research, thoughtfully curated qualifications, effective networking opportunities. IFM is committed to accentuating the awareness and application of Financial and Capital Market learnings.

IFM strives to build a culture of continuous learning and industry interactions, thereby enabling the members to expand their knowledge, stay tuned with the emerging trends and upgrade the skills to climb their career ladder with confidence.

Our Vision & Conduct

“To become a global body of informed investors”

By means of

  • Developing top notch Content, Research & Publications to enhancing Knowledge & propel Career Growth
  • Setting, Adopting & Advocating highest standards of Ethics, Education and Professional Excellence in the area of Financial and Capital Market, for the ultimate benefit of Society.

Governance and Committees


Institute of Financial Markets is governed by representatives who act as Trustees of the Charity. The code of conduct is framed and all members are expected to follow and uphold the same. The trustees would participate in electing the members of the Executive Committee, Technical Committee and sub-committees to ensure we move towards achieving the vision of a financially informed Society.

IFM Executive Committee

The IFM Executive Committee (EC) is responsible for Continuous Education, Strategic Development, Promotion & Nurturing the spirit of ethical practices by IFM’s Global Members.

IFM Academic Committee

The Executive Committee (EC) established the Academic Committee (AC) to be responsible for setting robust Academic Standards of the IFM Qualifications.


The Executive Committee and Academic Committee have authority to create subcommittees to facilitate the involvement of all key stakeholders & members to achieve the vision of a financially informed society.

Members Impact

    IFM members are instrumental in ensuring that the Global Investment Practices developed at IFM remain effective, useful, and relevant in the investment profession, and they help us innovate and revise the practices to be able to respond to new market issues.